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Posted by Philip Espinosa on 12. March 2013

Can I run two different list of associated posts on the same page?

For example, can I run thumbnail and excerpt in two column for 10 posts and then under that run another list of posts by title only?

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 12. March 2013

There is only one set of associated posts. Of course you can show it in two columns you cannot select two separte sets of posts for one page.

Posted by Shaun on 24. February 2012

Hello, is your associated posts pro plugin compatible with the latest stable release of WordPress v3.3.1? As your free version which I realise is no longer supported does not work with the latest version of WordPress.

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 24. February 2012

Hi Shaun, there is no free version available since one year so maybe the old release is deprecated. But the Pro Version is state-of-the-art and I am working on it continually. I added a compatibility note to the plugin page. :)

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