Sandfish ist ein helles zweispaltiges WordPress Theme im traditionellen Magazin-Stil. Es basiert auf Grid960 mit konstanter Layout-Breite und enthält eine Menge nützlicher Einstellungen welche es Ihnen ermöglichen das Design nach Ihren Wünschen anzupassen.

Das Theme läuft ab WordPress 2.9 und braucht PHP5.



Sandfish Theme "Live"


Fakten und Zahlen

  • Konstante Breite (960px)
  • Wählbare Sidebar Positionierung
  • Featured Artikel
  • Galerieartikel
  • Angehängte Artikel
  • jQuery CurvyCorners Plugin
  • GridFrameWork: 960gs
  • Integrierte Cufon-Library - "Fonts for the people."
  • Komplett valides XHTML und CSS
  • Widget fähig
  • Übersetzbar.
  • kommt standardmäßig in US Englisch und Deutsch (Sie)

27 Kommentare

Geschrieben von Lakenya am 7. April 2012

Super Designs! Kommt da noch mehr von? ;)

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 21. April 2012

Ja sicher, aber zu erst kommen die Plugins. ;)

Geschrieben von Leandro am 21. Juli 2011

My website is "sobresitios . com"

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 22. Juli 2011

Try to activate the "Allow document.write" option in the theme options page.

Geschrieben von Atonado am 20. Juli 2011

Hi I'm trying to put adsense on the theme but using the plugin newadman only shows me the html text but I put adsense advertising.

As I can do to make it look advertising? because in some pages need no publicity is why I use this plugin.

Nor did the advertising to be seen putting the code from the theme.

I could help? thank you very much

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 21. Juli 2011

Can you give me a link to the website?

[...] 240. Sandfish [...]

Geschrieben von Light theme for wordpress: Sandfish | WP Note am 29. Juli 2010

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Geschrieben von Max Borissov am 16. Juli 2010

Hi Dennis,
It looks that call to the function “theme_functions::get_selected_date” in the header page returns default date – January 1st because function “get_selected_date” can’t find required data.

I replaced “get_selected”_date in the header page with “get_the_time”and it is working now.

But I am not sure that it is correct solution.
What do you think?

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 16. Juli 2010

HI Max, get_the_time() is ok but since WP3 the guideline is to use the function "get_the_date()" which works exactly like get_the_time().

I will fix this in the next release of sandfish.

Geschrieben von Max Borissov am 16. Juli 2010

I am using PHP 5.2x and WP 3.1
This functionality is working in the other themes
Thank you,

Geschrieben von Max Borissov am 16. Juli 2010

Hi Dennis:

I am trying to use your theme for my blog, but I uncounted some problem with it: when I click on the monthly or daily archives, the date shown in the bread crumbs trail on the top of the page is incorrect – it always shown as “January 1st”. I tried to look through the code, but could not figure out where the problem is. May be you can give me an idea to what it can be related to and how to solve it.

Thank you,

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 16. Juli 2010

Which PHP and WP Version do you use?

Geschrieben von 250 Free Wordpress Templates am 11. Juli 2010

[...] 240. Sandfish [...]

Geschrieben von Brian am 24. Juni 2010

Hi Dennis,
Very nice theme design. I put it on one of my blogs and later took it off for a couple of reasons. 1) I like the superfish menu scheme because it gives my visitors more options without consuming visual real estate. 2) I wish there was only one widget sidebar. I had a couple of widgets that I could only use once and had to pick a sidebar to put it in vs. being able to have it on every page.

Nice theme design. I'll keep an eye out should you decide to update the theme.

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 24. Juni 2010

Hi Brian, thanks for this feedback i will have it in mind for the next release. :)

Geschrieben von 250 Free WordPress Themes From 2010 am 24. Mai 2010

[...] 240. Sandfish [...]

Geschrieben von Craig am 17. Mai 2010

Thanks Dennis. I have put the standard text widget into every sidebar, but none of them work. Everything (except the home/blog page) still shows the SEARCH, PAGES, CATEGORIES, ARCHIVES, RSS FEEDS and META fields. The website is if you want a quick look. Thanks.

Craig - New Zealand

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 17. Mai 2010

Hi Craig, in your theme is code i've never written. Please delete the theme and download it again. Then deactivate all plugins and try again to run the theme.

Geschrieben von Craig am 14. Mai 2010

Sorry to bother you again. Now that I've got the blog sidebar working I cant get any of the other sidebars working. All it shows is SEARCH, PAGES, CATEGORIES, ARCHIVES, RSS FEEDS and META.
I can't get rid of them. I don't want PAGES, ARCHIVES or META. Any ideas?

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 15. Mai 2010

Please be sure, you are using the right sidebar. You can add a text widget to every sidebar with the sidebar name as text. So can see which sidebar is which... ;)

Geschrieben von Craig am 11. Mai 2010

Thanks! It works.

Geschrieben von Craig Bell am 10. Mai 2010

Hi, I have been playing around with your Sandfish 1.1.1 theme today. I cannot get any other widgets to display on the home page except for recent posts. No matter what I do "Recent Posts" is the only thing I see. I have tried dragging many other widgets there nut no luck. Any suggestions?

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 10. Mai 2010

Let me make an educated guess. You enabled the "customized start page mode with three widget areas". But you did not set a page as start page in Admin > Reading? So the sidebar on your start page is not the "home" sidebar. Try the "blog" sidebar.

Geschrieben von arjun gupta blogs » 101 wordpress themes… am 9. März 2010

[...] Sandfish Theme Homepage: Sandfish Theme Preview: [...]

Geschrieben von PJ am 4. Februar 2010

Hi, thank you for nice theme. I would like to remove the 'About the Author' from the side bar...but can't seem to find a way to do that. Nothing I do in widgets seems to make it go away. Any help would be appreciated.

Geschrieben von Dennis Hoppe am 4. Februar 2010

The default widgets will disappear then you add your own widgets to the widget area. You can do that in your Admin Panel > Appearance > Widgets.

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