Encyclopedia Pro

Encyclopedia Pro is a state of the art WordPress encyclopedia / lexicon / glossary / dictionary premium plugin. It enables you to create, manage and present a knowledge base. Completely coalesced with your WordPress and fully compatible with all the cool publishing tools you like.


  1. Features
  2. The free Lite Version
  3. Encyclopedia
    1. Activate the encyclopedia
    2. Create and edit terms
  4. Taxonomies
  5. Related terms
  6. Capabilities
  7. Terms in WordPress menus
  8. Encyclopedia archives
  9. Template files
  10. Widgets
    1. Taxonomies
    2. Taxonomies (cloud)
    3. Terms
    4. Related Terms
    5. Search
  11. Options page


  • Create, manage and structure your Terms as
  • Encyclopedia, lexicon, glossary, Wiki or dictionary
  • Use tags and categories to classify your terms
  • Automatic association of related terms
  • Automatic linking of terms in post and page contents
  • Completely translatable - .po file is included
  • Supports the WordPress Theme Template hierarchy
  • Supports user defined HTML templates
  • Supports WordPress user rights and capabilities
  • Supports RSS Feeds
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple Widgets to display the terms and taxonomies of your encyclopedia
  • No ads or brandings anywhere - perfect white label solution

The free Lite Version

In the Lite Edition of the plugin you can take a look around and you try out everything. On several places in the plugin you will find a notice that this function is included in the Pro Version only. There is no support available for the free Lite Version. You can find the Download here.


Activate the encyclopedia

To activate the encyclopedia it is necessary to set the user rights for each user group. You can do that on the option page in the "Capabilities" box: Go to Settings -> Encyclopedia. Scroll down to "Capabilities" and click on the box title to open the box. Tick "Yes" for all the user groups you want to enable to create or edit terms.

Screenshot: Capabilities

Create and edit terms

After you have activated the encyclopedia feature you can find a new admin menu entry in your backend: "Encyclopedia (or something like this, depends on your settings). Now you can click on "Create Term" to start fill your new knowledge base with contents. The interface is willfully adapted from the original WordPress post/page interface. This way it will be very easy for you to step in.

Screenshot: Edit Term


Taxonomies for encyclopedia terms have the same behavior like the post tags and categories you already know. For the encyclopedia you can use categories to classify your terms. Tags are necessary if you want to display related terms anywhere.

To activate taxonomies you need to go to the options page and scroll down to the "Taxonomies" box. There you can activate and deactivate the categories and tags for the encyclopedia post type. Do not forget to scroll to the button and hit the "Save options" button.

The management of the taxonomies as easy as the management of the post categories.

Screenshot: Categories

Terms in your encyclopedia can be "related" if they have common tags. Two terms are more related if they have more common tags.

On the options page you can setup if related terms should appear automatically above or below a terms content. If deactivate this option you can display the related terms manually through adding the [encyclopedia_related_terms] shortcode to the terms content. (With the "max_terms" attribute you can set a limit of how many related terms should be shown.)


Encyclopedia Pro uses the WordPress embedded user rights system to control the access to terms, taxonomies and options. You can change the settings directly on the options page without any external plugin. By default nobody has any right (expect the admin - he can see the options page). So the first step after activating the plugin should be the capability configuration. Go to your WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Encyclopedia. Scroll down to the "Capabilities" options box and open it up with a click on the box title. Then you can set the available capabilities for all existing user groups.

Screenshot: Capabilities

Nothing is more awesome than a plugin which plays well with all the cool WordPress features. You can add all encyclopedia terms and taxonomies to your custom menus. Go to your WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus.

Screenshot: Menus

Encyclopedia Archives

The encyclopedia archives are the index pages which lists all your terms. Every encyclopedia index page will automatically be sorted alphabetically and gets a great letter navigation at the top. Encyclopedia Pro generates one index page for every category and for every tag. You can find the urls to these archives in the edit category/edit tag screen in your WordPress backend.

Screenshot: Edit category

Template files

All plugin outputs can be changed via user defined HTML templates. Just the templates you want to overwrite inside your theme folder (no matter if parent theme or child theme). You can find the default templates in the plugin folder in "templates/".

Template fileTask
archive-encyclopedia.php* Renders the archive page for all encyclopedia terms.
taxonomy-encyclopedia-tag.php* Renders the tag archive for each encyclopedia tag.
taxonomy-encyclopedia-category.php* Renders the category archive for each encyclopedia category.
single-encyclopedia.php* Renders the single view for each encyclopedia term.
encyclopedia-term-filter.php Renders the letter navigation above the encyclopedia term archive.
encyclopedia-related-terms.php Renders the list of related terms above/below the single view of each encyclopedia term.
encyclopedia-related-terms-widget.php Renders the "Related terms" Widget.
encyclopedia-search-widget.php Renders the "Encyclopedia Search" Widget.
encyclopedia-terms-widget.php Renders the "Encyclopedia Terms" Widget.

* Again: These templates need to be placed in your theme - they are not part of the plugin!



This widget displays all non empty encyclopedia taxonomies as list.

Screenshot: Widget: Taxonomies

Taxonomies (cloud)

This widget displays all non empty encyclopedia taxonomies as word cloud.

Screenshot: Widget: Taxonomies (cloud)


This widget displays all encyclopedia terms as list.

Screenshot: Widget: Terms

Related Terms

This widget displays all related terms of the current one as list. You should use this widget in a sidebar which is visible in the single view of a encyclopedia term.

Screenshot: Widget: Related Terms


The Search Widget enables the user to search exclusively in the encyclopedia. The Widgets uses an auto complete javascript feature to help the user searching for right phrases.

Search Widget

Options page

Screenshot: Options page

Download Encyclopedia Pro

The current release version of Encyclopedia Pro is 1.4.12.

Plan / Includes Only the plain Plugin Plugin and Updates Updates and Support
Plan / Includes Only the plain Plugin Plugin and Updates Updates and Support
WordPress Plugin
Updates for 5 days.
Updates for 360 days.
No Support.
Support for 360 days.
Possibly you need to pay value added taxes in your region:
United States Dollar 25.95 US$ Euro 18.95 € Pound Sterling 16.95 £ Dollar Canadien 26.95 C$ Yen 2455 ¥ Australian Dollar 27.95 A$ Schweizer Franken 23.95 SFr Dansk krone 143.95 kr Norsk krone 153.95 kr Svensk krona 168.95 kr New Zealand Dollar 32.95 NZ$ Polski złoty 83.95 zł Hong Kong Dollar 194.95 HK$ Singapore Dollar 32.95 SG$ Magyar forint 5732 Ft Koruna česká 498.95 korun שקל חדש 90.95 ₪ peso mexicano 331.95 MX$ piso 1,091.95 P บาท 782.95 ฿
All prices are net prices.
United States Dollar 62.95 US$ Euro 47.95 € Pound Sterling 40.95 £ Dollar Canadien 65.95 C$ Yen 6138 ¥ Australian Dollar 67.95 A$ Schweizer Franken 59.95 SFr Dansk krone 359.95 kr Norsk krone 383.95 kr Svensk krona 422.95 kr New Zealand Dollar 80.95 NZ$ Polski złoty 209.95 zł Hong Kong Dollar 487.95 HK$ Singapore Dollar 80.95 SG$ Magyar forint 14330 Ft Koruna česká 1,246.95 korun שקל חדש 227.95 ₪ peso mexicano 829.95 MX$ piso 2,729.95 P บาท 1,957.95 ฿
All prices are net prices.
  1. Download the Lite or Pro Version of the plugin (it should be a .zip file).
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and login.
  3. Deactivate all other versions of the plugin. (Especially deactivate the Lite version if you want to install the Pro version.)
  4. Go to Plugins ->Add New -> Upload.
  5. Upload the downloaded .zip file of the plugin.
  6. After the upload was successful activate the plugin.
  7. Now go to the options page in Settings -> Encyclopedia.
    • Scroll to the "Capabilities" box and setup the user rights.
    • Enter your account credentials in the "Updates" box to get the updates.
Posted by Joshua on 24. May 2013

Hello Dennis,

What are the options for pages when a search result is not found? Is it possible to create a single page to display if there is no match to the search term?

Thank you,

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 25. May 2013

Hi Joshua, you need to check if there are posts available in the search template. If not you can output whatever you want.

Posted by Christian on 16. May 2013

I would like to set up a multilingual site with WordPress and WPML.

Can I use your plugin for a glossary that is multilingual?

Best, Christian

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 16. May 2013


Posted by Peter Handlos on 7. May 2013

Hi Dennis,

plugin looks like it can do just what we need.

One question: Does the free plugin support the "automatic association of related terms" --> or is this just supported by the pro version? We are looking to develop a larger project and among others want to include this function --> we will outsource all, so I'd need to know before what the free plugin can do and what the pro version can do more...is there a specs list somewhere?

Vielen Dank und beste Grüße,

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 8. May 2013

Hi Peter, the "related entries" feature is available in the lite version, too.

Posted by Eugene Rivelis on 21. April 2013

Dear Dennis,

I'm quite interested in acquiring your Encyclopedia-plugin as it has (as long as I can judge from the limited free version) all the functionality I need for my new e-learning project. So, I'd readily buy the full version but for one "little" problem. The plugin doesn't support indexing in the two languages my project is concerbed with, namely Swedish which has three extra letter ÅÄÖ in the end of the alphabet,. and Russian which uses a different character set altogether (Cyrillic).

Is there any practicable solution to this?

Eugene Rivelis, PhD
Stockholm university
Dept. of Slavic Languages

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 21. April 2013

Hi Eugene, the Encyclopedia Plugin works great Nordic and Cyrillic chars by default. ;)

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