Encyclopedia Pro


Encyclopedia Pro is a state of the art lexicon and glossary WordPress premium plugin. It enables you to create, manage and present a knowledge base. Completely coalesced with your WordPress and fully compatible with all the cool publishing tools you like.


  • Create, manage and structure your Terms as
    • encyclopedia,
    • lexicon,
    • glossary,
    • wiki or
    • dictionary
  • Use tags and categories to classify your terms
  • Automatic association of related terms based on theier tags
  • Automatic linking of terms in post and page contents
  • Completely translatable - .po file is included (shipped in English and German)
  • Supports the WordPress theme template hierarchy
  • Supports user defined HTML templates
  • Supports WordPress user rights and capabilities
  • Supports RSS Feeds
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Multiple Widgets to display the terms and taxonomies of your encyclopedia
  • No ads or brandings anywhere - perfect white label solution for your customers

The free Lite Version

In the Lite edition of the plugin you can take a look around and you try out everything. On several places in the plugin you will find a notice that this function is included in the premium version only. For the lite version you can use the support forums on WordPress.org. You can find the Download here.

Real life examples

The following links and screenshots show examples of third party projects. All designs are copyrighted by their authors. Some of the designs listed here are custom-designed and could contain features that are not provided in the default edition of the product.



This package contains the plugin itself, updates1 for one year and support2,3 for one year.
1) If you have already bought the plugin (with or without updates) this package will extend your standing update subscription for one more year.
2) If you have already bought a support subscription this package will extend your standing subscription for one more year.
3) Within the scope of the support package we will help you to install and setup the plugin properly at your website. The support does not contain code changes at your theme or our plugin.


This package is aimed at usual WordPress users looking for a solid solution including updates and technical support. Through our personal assistance you are on the safe side.

Parts of this package

The WordPress Plugin itself you can use forever without any additional costs. Updates for 365 days. Support for 365 days.


  1. Introduction
    1. Activate the encyclopedia
    2. Create and edit terms
  2. Taxonomies
  3. Related terms
  4. Capabilities
  5. Terms in WordPress menus
  6. Encyclopedia archives
  7. Template files
  8. Widgets
    1. Taxonomies
    2. Taxonomies (cloud)
    3. Terms
    4. Related Terms
    5. Search
  9. Options page


Activate the encyclopedia

To activate the encyclopedia it is necessary to set the user rights for each user group. You can do that on the options page in the "Capabilities" box: Go to Settings -> Encyclopedia. Scroll down to "User rights" and click on the box title to open the box. Tick "Yes" for all the rights you want to give to a certain user group.

Screenshot: Capabilities

Create and edit terms

After you have activated the encyclopedia feature you can find a new menu entry in your dashboard: "Encyclopedia (or something like this, depends on your settings). Now you can click on "Create Term" to start fill your new knowledge base with contents. The interface is willfully adapted from the original WordPress post and page interface. This way it will be very easy for you to step in.

Screenshot: Edit Term


Taxonomies for encyclopedia terms have the same behavior like the post tags and categories you already know from usual posts. For the encyclopedia you can use categories to classify your terms. Tags are necessary if you want to display related terms anywhere.

To activate taxonomies you need to go to the options page and scroll down to the "Taxonomies" box. There you can activate and deactivate the categories and tags for the encyclopedia post type. Do not forget to scroll to the button and hit the "Save changes" button.

The management of the taxonomies is as easy as the management of the post categories.

Screenshot: Categories

Terms in your encyclopedia can be "related" if they have common tags. Two terms are more related if they have more common tags.

On the options page you can setup that related terms should appear automatically above or below a terms content. If you deactivate this option you can display the related terms manually through adding the [encyclopedia_related_terms] shortcode to the terms content. (With the "max_terms" attribute you can set a limit of how many related terms should be shown.)


Encyclopedia Pro uses the WordPress embedded user rights system to control the access to terms, taxonomies and options. You can change these settings directly on the options page without any external plugin. By default nobody has any right, expect the administrator of your installation - the administrator can see and change the options page. So the first step after activating the plugin should be the capability configuration. Go to your dashboard -> settings -> encyclopedia. Scroll down to the "Capabilities" options box and open it up with a click on the box title. Then you can set the available capabilities for all existing user groups.

Screenshot: Capabilities

Nothing is more awesome than a plugin which plays well with all the cool WordPress features. You can add all encyclopedia terms and taxonomies to your custom menus. Go to your dashboard -> appearance -> menus.

Screenshot: Menus

Encyclopedia Archives

The encyclopedia archives are the index pages which lists all your terms. Every encyclopedia index page will automatically be sorted alphabetically and gets a great letter navigation at the top. The letter navigation will be visible only if there are two or more choices for the user. Encyclopedia Pro generates one index page for every category and for every tag. You can find the urls to these archives in the edit category/edit tag screen in your dashboard.

Screenshot: Edit category

Template files

All plugin outputs can be changed via user defined HTML templates. Just create the templates you want to overwrite inside your theme folder (no matter if parent theme or child theme). You can find the default templates in the plugin folder in "templates/". Please notice: Do not change any plugin files at any time. You will lose you modifications after an update!

Template file Task
archive-encyclopedia.php* Renders the archive page for all encyclopedia terms.
taxonomy-encyclopedia-tag.php* Renders the tag archive for each encyclopedia tag.
taxonomy-encyclopedia-category.php* Renders the category archive for each encyclopedia category.
single-encyclopedia.php* Renders the single view for each encyclopedia term.
encyclopedia-prefix-filter.php Renders the prefix filter above the encyclopedia term archive and single view.
encyclopedia-related-terms.php Renders the list of related terms above/below the single view of each encyclopedia term.
encyclopedia-related-terms-widget.php Renders the "Related terms" Widget.
encyclopedia-search-widget.php Renders the "Encyclopedia Search" Widget.
encyclopedia-terms-widget.php Renders the "Encyclopedia Terms" Widget.

* Again: These templates could be placed in your theme - they are not part of the plugin!



This widget displays all non empty encyclopedia taxonomies as list.

Screenshot: Widget: Taxonomies

Taxonomies (cloud)

This widget displays all non empty encyclopedia taxonomies as word cloud.

Screenshot: Widget: Taxonomies (cloud)


This widget displays all encyclopedia terms as list.

Screenshot: Widget: Terms

Related Terms

This widget displays all related terms of the current one as list. You should use this widget in a sidebar which is visible in the single view of a encyclopedia term.

Screenshot: Widget: Related Terms


The Search Widget enables the user to search exclusively in the encyclopedia. The Widgets uses an auto complete javascript feature to help the user searching for right phrases.

Search Widget

Options page

Screenshot: Options page

  1. Download the Lite or Pro Version of the plugin (it should be a .zip file).
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and login.
  3. Deactivate all other versions of the plugin. (Especially deactivate the Lite version if you want to install the Pro version.)
  4. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  5. Upload the downloaded .zip file of the plugin.
  6. After the upload was successful activate the plugin.
  7. Now go to the options page in Settings -> Encyclopedia.
    1. Scroll to the "Capabilities" box and setup the user rights.
    2. Enter your account credentials in the "Updates" box to get the updates.
Simply Great

Simply Great. Small & Fast. Really Great Work!

Erika v. d. B.
Good plugin

Good plugin. Easy to learn. Makes nice search engine friendly urls.

Vincent Raja
Excellent use of custom post types

I only started using this great plugin in February 2013 and I must say I am impressed. I like the use of custom post types - it makes perfect sense. This plugin works brilliantly. Thank you.

Douglas Garza

Fantastic plugin and builds a superb looking glossary.

Sasha Ruzin
Great plugin with awesome support

The greatest value of this plugin is (except for it's powerful features) that it's supported and developed almost on a daily basis.

Gertrude Jordan

It's so sad that the free version don't have plural management but the plugin is really awesome :D

Fran Pérez
Super handy

We were able to use the plugin to construct a glossary from spreadsheet data we have. great plugin with rapid support response time!

Must have

Must have! It is really good.

JuanPablo Barrientos

While there's a few features I'd like to see, this is one heck of a good plugin. We cranked out 281 new and very useful pages in our site in a matter of a couple of hours start to finish. Two thumbs up and six stars.

cassandra hudson
Excellent glossary, excellent support

This plugin, even the free version, adds a real "wow" factor to any website with a lot of specialized vocabulary. It's amazing and refreshingly simple to just hover to get the definition. Support from the developer has been excellent.

Jonathan Moreira
Great support and plugin

Plugin is working as stated, a good choice if you need a glossary. Very good support.

wyatt hunt
Great Plugin and awesome Support

I rarely write reviews, but this plugin really deserves it. It is among the best if not the best Glossary Plugin around. It has a tremendous amount of features and options. And the support is great. I had a few bugs in the first version I downloaded and they were all taken care of in a matter of hours. Keep up the great work!