Fancy Gallery Pro

Fancy Gallery Pro is a state of the art WordPress Image Gallery Plugin you can use to create, manage and handle image galleries easily in your WordPress backend and present images to your website visitors.


  1. The free Lite Version
  2. Features
  3. WordPress galleries
    1. FancyBox support
  4. Fancy Galleries
    1. Activate the Galleries
    2. Create and Edit Galleries
    3. Title
    4. Images
    5. Excerpt
    6. Template
    7. Owner
    8. Thumbnails
    9. Featured Image
  5. Taxonomies
    1. Activate Taxonomies
    2. Manage Taxonomies
  6. Galleries and user rights
  7. Galleries in WordPress Menus
  8. Gallery Archives
  9. [gallery] Shortcode
  10. Templates
    1. Create your own template
  11. Widgets
    1. Taxonomies
    2. Taxonomy Clouds
    3. Random Images
  12. Options Page

The free Lite Version

In the Lite Edition of the plugin you can take a look around, you can create one gallery and you can check the lightbox functionality. On several places in the plugin you will find a notice that this function is included in the Pro Version only. There is no support available for the Free Version. You can find the Download here.


  • Fancy LightBox support for all linked images on your website
  • Manage Galleries separated from Posts or Pages
  • Gallery Taxonomies to categorize all your images
  • Custom thumbnail sizes and color effects
  • Fully compatible with all existing themes with archive template
  • Template engine to display your galleries
  • User role and capability support
  • Gallery archives and RSS Feed support
  • Clean and easy-to-use user interfaces
  • Widgets to display your images in the sidebars
  • Completely free of advertisement and brandings

WordPress Gallery Feature

In WordPress 2.5, the Gallery feature allows the option to add an image gallery to a Post or Page on your WordPress blog.

The [gallery] shortcode is used in a Post or Page to display a thumbnail gallery of images attached to that post. It can be used in its simplest form like this:


The easiest way to insert the shortcode to your contents is to use the gallery button in your WYSIWYG editor. The [gallery] shortcode is completely supported by Fancy Gallery Pro and you do not need to change the posts or pages you created in the past.

FancyBox support

All images you insert via the [gallery] shortcode will open in the jQuery FancyBox and the user can navigate through them automatically.

Fancy Galleries

Activate the Galleries

The Fancy Galleries need to be activated via the Fancy Gallery Options page. You can find the options page in your WordPress Backend -> Settings -> Fancy Gallery Pro.

Scroll down on the options page to the "User rights" box title and click it to open the box. Tick "Yes" for all user rights of your user group to activate all features of Fancy Gallery Pro.


Create and Edit Galleries

After activating the Fancy Gallery features there is a new admin page in your menu: "Galleries". Click on "Add Gallery" to create a new gallery. The usage and handling of the interface is very similar to the edit post or edit page screen.

Create new Galleries

Enter a title or name for the new gallery. It will be visible to website visitors if they open a gallery via permalink.

In the Images meta box you have the ability to upload new images via Flash or HTML uploader. On the second tab "Gallery" you can see all images which belong to this gallery. Click on "Show" link to enter details for each image.

Image details

Of course you can also modify the image if you want.

Edit image

Gallery excerpt are usually some random images which represent a gallery on archive pages. If you prefer a text and a thumbnail as preview of a gallery click on "Text Excerpt" and type something.

In Fancy Gallery Pro you can choose a template to display a gallery. So you have the full control about your websites design and code.

The owner of a gallery is similar to the author of a post. If a user has the right to edit others galleries he can change the owner of a gallery to someone else.

To customize every gallery you can change the thumbnail images height, width and appearance.

The featured Image is the main presenter of your gallery. If you use post thumbnail somewhere in your website. The theme should use the featured image of the gallery on this place.


Taxonomies for galleries are similar to categories and tags for posts. You can use them to categorize all galleries and to build archives and RSS feeds.

Activate Taxonomies

To activate the taxonomies go to the Fancy Gallery options page and take a look on the "Taxonomies" option box.

Manage Taxonomies

Managing the gallery taxonomies is as easy as managing categories or tags for posts.

Manage Taxonomies

Galleries and user rights

Fancy Gallery Pro uses the WordPress embedded user rights system to control the access to galleries, taxonomies and options. You can change the settings directly on the Fancy Gallery options page without any external plugin. By default nobody has any right expect the admin to see the options page. So the first step after activating the plugin should be the rights configuration. Go to your WP Dashboard -> Settings -> Fancy Gallery Pro. Scroll down to the "User rights" options box and open it up with a click on the box title. Then you can set the available user rights for all existing user groups.


Galleries in WordPress Menus

Nothing is cooler than a Plugin which plays well with all the cool WordPress features. You can add all Fancy Galleries or taxonomies to your custom menus. Go to your WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus.

Galleries in Menus

Fancy Gallery creates a gallery archive for all gallery taxonomies you created. You can find the url of each archive below the Edit Taxonomy page.

Edit category

[gallery] Shortcode

The [gallery] shortcode is used in a Post or Page to display a thumbnail gallery of images attached to that post. It can be used in its simplest form like this:


There are several options that may be specified using this syntax:

[gallery option1="value1" option2="value2"]

The following options are supported by Fancy Gallery:


specifies the gallery ID. The gallery will display images which are attached to that gallery. The default behavior if no ID is specified is to display images attached to the current gallery. For example, to display images attached to gallery 123:

[gallery id="123"]


specify the item used to sort the display thumbnails. The default is "menu_order". Supported values are

  • id - Order by id.
  • title - Order by title.
  • date - Order by date.
  • rand - Random order


specifies the sort order used to display thumbnails. ASC or DESC. For example, to sort by ID, DESC: [gallery order="DESC" orderby="ID"]


specifies the number of displayed images. By default all images will be shown.


comma separated image IDs (attachment IDs), [gallery include="23,39,45"] will show only the images from these attachments.


comma separated image IDs (attachment IDs), [gallery exclude="21,32,43"] excludes the images from these attachments. Please note that include and exclude cannot be used together.


specify the image size to use for the thumbnail display. Valid values include "thumbnail", "medium", "large" and "full". The default is "thumbnail". The size of the images for "thumbnail", "medium" and "large" can be configured in WordPress admin panel under Settings > Media. For example, to display a gallery of medium sized images: [gallery size="medium"]

you can set it to "attachment" so each image will link to the attachment page of the image. The default value is "file" and links to the full size image.

you can use this attribute to specify a html class for each tag of the gallery.


specifies the width of the thumbnail images of this gallery (in px). This overrides the "size" attribute!


specifies the height of the thumbnail images of this gallery (in px). This overrides the "size" attribute!


Set this to "1" or "yes" to display the thumbnail images in gray scale.


Set this to "1" or "yes" to display the thumbnail images negated.


The Fancy Gallery Pro Plugin will use templates to display galleries. A template controls the appearance of a gallery and generates the HTML code. So you have the full control how your galleries look like and which HTML standard they follow. You can see all available templates on your options page: WordPress Dashboard -> Settings -> Fancy Gallery Pro.

Manage Templates

Create your own template

To create your own template you only need elementary HTML and PHP knowledge. Create a new HTML file and start writing the header with the template details. Here is an example how the header should look like:

Fancy Gallery Template: Template Name
Description: Your template description here.
Version: 1.0
Author: John Doe
Author URI:

To generate the HTML code you can access the gallery object via $this->gallery inside your template. A good starting point is the default gallery template.


Fancy Gallery comes with some cool widgets which displays galleries and taxonomies in your sidebars.


The "Taxonomies" widget displays your gallery categories, tags, events, etc.

Taxonomy Widget

Taxonomy Clouds

The "Taxonomy Clouds" widget displays your gallery categories, tags, events, etc as cloud like you know it from post tags.

Random Images

This widget displays random images from some random galleries.

Random Images Widget

Options Page

Options Page

Download Fancy Gallery Pro

The current release version of Fancy Gallery Pro is 1.1.8.

Plan / Includes Only the plain Plugin Plugin and Updates Updates and Support
Plan / Includes Only the plain Plugin Plugin and Updates Updates and Support
WordPress Plugin
Updates for 5 days.
Updates for 360 days.
No Support.
Support for 360 days.
Possibly you need to pay value added taxes in your region:
United States Dollar 25.95 US$ Euro 18.95 € Pound Sterling 16.95 £ Dollar Canadien 26.95 C$ Yen 2455 ¥ Australian Dollar 27.95 A$ Schweizer Franken 23.95 SFr Dansk krone 143.95 kr Norsk krone 153.95 kr Svensk krona 168.95 kr New Zealand Dollar 32.95 NZ$ Polski złoty 83.95 zł Hong Kong Dollar 194.95 HK$ Singapore Dollar 32.95 SG$ Magyar forint 5732 Ft Koruna česká 498.95 korun שקל חדש 90.95 ₪ peso mexicano 331.95 MX$ piso 1,091.95 P บาท 782.95 ฿
All prices are net prices.
United States Dollar 62.95 US$ Euro 47.95 € Pound Sterling 40.95 £ Dollar Canadien 65.95 C$ Yen 6138 ¥ Australian Dollar 67.95 A$ Schweizer Franken 59.95 SFr Dansk krone 359.95 kr Norsk krone 383.95 kr Svensk krona 422.95 kr New Zealand Dollar 80.95 NZ$ Polski złoty 209.95 zł Hong Kong Dollar 487.95 HK$ Singapore Dollar 80.95 SG$ Magyar forint 14330 Ft Koruna česká 1,246.95 korun שקל חדש 227.95 ₪ peso mexicano 829.95 MX$ piso 2,729.95 P บาท 1,957.95 ฿
All prices are net prices.
  1. Download the Lite or Pro Version of the plugin (it should be a .zip file).
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and login.
  3. Deactivate all other versions of the plugin. (Especially deactivate the Lite version if you want to install the Pro version.)
  4. Go to Plugins ->Add New -> Upload.
  5. Upload the downloaded .zip file of the plugin.
  6. After the upload was successful activate the plugin.
  7. Now go to the options page in Settings -> Fancy Gallery.
    • Scroll to the "User rights" box and setup the user rights.
    • Enter your account credentials in the "Updates" box to get the updates.

= 1.1.8 =
* Fixed Warnings on options page

= 1.1.7 =
* Fixed the JavaScript title handling

= 1.1.6 =
* Patched the SocialMedia template
* Fixed the responsive design of the edit-screen

= 1.1.5 =
* Updated FancyBox library
* compressed and minified library helpers
* Fixed some small WP 3.8 behaviors
* Made the plugin work as symlink folder

= 1.1.4 =
* Fixed: Broken slideshow
* Fixed: Parent option
* Retina graphics and retina display support
* Improved "lock" feature

= 1.1.3 =
* Added French translation.
* Patched default template styles
* Improved Gallery generate code and parameters

= 1.1.2 =
* Merged all styles via SASS to fancybox.css
* Patched z-index bug for TwentenEleven theme

= 1.0.37 =
* Reordered Template files
* New Template with share buttons inside the image title

= 1.0.36 =
* Added style to default gallery template

= 1.0.35 =
* Made taxonomy slugs translatable.

= 1.0.34 =
* Added a management column for each taxonomy to the gallery management page

= 1.0.33 =
* Removed column field from the gallery editor
* Added support for "orderby" field in manually created galleries

= 1.0.32 =
* Added a new faster method to update the old "fancy_gallery" post type record in the post table.

= 1.0.31 =
* Splited templates in Code and Style
* improved template output cleaning

= 1.0.30 =
* Added WP 3.5 support
* Changed widget translation bug

= 1.0.29 =
* Fixed a small bug for WordPress Multisite solutions

= 1.0.28 =
* Added Windows Support (experimental)

= 1.0.27 =
* Changed z-index values for all fancy objects
* renamed library and stylesheet files

= 1.0.26 =
* Changed fade-in effect for the overlay
* fixed an IE bug which let the fancy box pop on non-image links
* fixed encoded API credentials while in update routine

= 1.0.25 =
* Added Brazilian-Portuguese translation
* Moved options page to the settings tab

= 1.0.24 =
* Updated jquery.mousewheel
* Fixed the mouse wheel scroll bug

= 1.0.23 =
* Added Spanish translation
* Improved the gallery-code box in the backend

= 1.0.22 =
* Fixed: JS Encoding for image descriptions

= 1.0.21 =
* Fixed: Image titles can be multi line descriptions now.

= 1.0.20 =
* Changed post type from "fancy_gallery" to "fancy-gallery". Please change your template names!
* Added library import feature.

= 1.0.19 =
* Displays the images of the gallery by default when editing a gallery
* Improved the behaviour of the image managing tab in the Edit gallery view

= 1.0.18 =
* Corrected some hint texts. Thanks to Jan Bensliman! :)
* Dequeued some JavaScript libraries from the Options page.

= 1.0.17 =
* Fixed some incompatibilities that prevented the users from open the option boxes on the options page

= 1.0.16 =
* Your password protected galleries are safe now.

= 1.0.15 =
* The gallery archive is detachable now.

= 1.0.14 =
* Moved JavaScripts forcefully to footer.
* Made fancy-js.php loading asynchronous.

= 1.0.13 =
* Fixed Widget names and captions

= 1.0.12 =
* Fixed Auto Update bug

= 1.0.11 =
* Added 'widget_title' filter
* changed auto update domain

= 1.0.10 =
* Improved user interface with label elements
* Fixed ShortCode bug

= 1.0.9 =
* Fixed some more German translation mistakes
* Added new option to group images by post
* Enabled ShortCodes in gallery templates

= 1.0.8 =
* Fixed the special chars bug in the templates and the javascript.
* Fixed role name translations on the options page.
* Fixed German translation mistakes.

= 1.0.7 =
* Fixed the "Consolidate single images" bug: Some images wasn't associated with each other until now.

= 1.0.6 =
* Fixed incombatibility with BuddyPress Adminbar

= 1.0.5 =
* Fixed the IE8/Win bug in the user interface

= 1.0.4 =
* Fixed the wrong capability for the options page

= 1.0.3 =
* Fixed localized number formats in fancy-js.php

= 1.0.2 =
* Added option to disable the referer check.

= 1.0.1 =
* Security Patch against script/traffic hijacking! Update is recommended!
* Referer check in jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css-png-fix.php
* Referer check in fancy-js.php
* Fixed "Page not Found" error

= 1.0 =
* Everything works fine. :)

Posted by Krisanna McKellar on 16. September 2013

So if you purchase the download for Pro, does it remain unlocked,
or like the updates and support does it expire after 360 days?

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 16. September 2013

After your purchase you can use the plugin for ever and always. You only need to purchase a new update package (after a year) if you want to keep up to date with the plugin. ;)

Posted by Tony on 1. July 2013

It possible add share and comments to the Fancy Gallery Lite ?

thanks from Italy.

Posted by Dennis Hoppe on 1. July 2013

No, but you can do that in the Pro version.

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