Sub Post Navigation Pro

Sub Post Navigation is a state of the art WordPress Plugin Widget which displays the child-, parent- and sibling elements of hierarchically ordered post types like pages, posts and galleries. The Widget generates a easy customizable HTML5 navigation you can style with your own CSS3.

With this great WordPress Widget you can create a multi dimensional navigation hierarchy for your website with your favorite Content-Management-System WordPress.

How the Widget works

  1. The Sub Post Navigation Widget displays all child elements of the current page (or custom post type).
  2. If there are no child elements the Widget displays the sibling elements of the current page (or custom post type).
  3. For Pages (or custom post types) without parent elements and without child elements you can hide the Widget.
  4. For deeper nesting of hierarchies the Widget could display a link to the parent page (or custom post type).
  5. The Widget title could be replaced by the title of the parent page (or custom post type).

Main Features

  • Display a automatically generated navigation of (custom) hierarchically post types (i.e. pages)
  • Create navigations and use your WordPress as Content-Management-System
  • Devoid of advertisements and brandings
  • Plugin independent HTML templates
  • Clean and user friendly backend
  • According to package: Premium support by the plugin author within hours
  • According to package: Premium support for coders, designers and agencies

The free Lite Version

In the Lite Edition of the plugin you can take a look around and you try out everything. On several places in the plugin you will find a notice that this function is included in the Pro Version only. There is no support available for the free Lite Version. You can find the Download here.


  1. Screenshot
  2. Edit or create your Widget template


Screenshot: Back end

Edit or create your Widget template

The output of the Widget is completely customizable. In the plugin folder you can find the file "sub-post-navigation.php" which renders the output. Please do not modify it - you would lose all your modification then updating the plugin! Copy the file inside your themes folder (regardless of parent or child theme) and start modify it. Inside the template code your can access these vars:

  • $WIDGET: Pointer to the Widget object.
  • $TITLE: Contains the widget title.
  • $PARENT: Contains the ID to the parent post/page
  • $NAVIGATION: Contains a WP_Query object with all elements which should be shown in this view.
  1. Download the Lite or Pro version of this extension. The downloaded file should to be a .zip file. If your browser or operating system offers you a directory as download you need to re-zip it on your own or you need to find a way to get the .zip file. Please consider buying the support package. We will install the plugin for you on your server.
  2. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and log in with an administrator account.
  3. Please deactivate all other versions of the plugin. Especially deactivate the Lite version if you want to install the Pro version. Your already created data will not get lost when you deactivate the plugin!
  4. Please navigate to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload.
  5. Then please upload the before downloaded .zip file of this extension.
  6. When the upload was successful, WordPress will offer your to activate the plugin.
  7. In a final step please navigate to the options page:
    1. Enter your license credentials to get the updates directly via the dashboard.
    2. Study the documentation attentively!

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This package contains the plugin itself and one year of updates1.
1 If you have already bought the plugin (with or without updates) this package will extend your standing update subscription for one more year.

Sub Post Navigation Pro WordPress Plugin

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